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In a message dated 8/5/2008 1:44:19 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Mark writes:

Hey Joe,

Sorry for not writing back sooner, I've been knee deep in getting (the studio) back to work... speaking of which the PSU is GREAT!! The console seems to sound better and the speakers even sound better when monitoring external sources, everything is nice and clean.

You guys did such a great job and your communication with me throughout the process was top notch. Thanks again for everything and I'll be talking to you real soon!


July 24, 2008 

Forgive me as I also (double) posted this at Whatever Works (Pro Audio Forum), but I *have to* relate, what for me, is a wonderful story.

I doubt anyone will remember that I purchased a 3M M79 24 track two years ago to donate to Webster University's Audio Production Program (

Like all used machines, it needed some work. I ordered parts and a manual (with service bulletins) from GRS Pro Audio. It was the first time I had any dealing with Ted and Joe. The parts were great, the manual too and all arrived promptly.

I followed that up with sending the main logic board and SelectTake to Ted for inspection and any possible repair. He identified the problems but then disaster! GRS' building burned down. Ironically, the fire-proof room where they store gear for repair (so it won't set fire to the rest of the complex) was the only thing which survived.

Despite what had to be an overwhelming loss, Ted made sure we got our parts back. Ted and Joe became extremely busy so we did all the rest of the work ourselves. This became a year and a half of fix this, fix that, only to have the machine ultimately not record or reproduce. At every moment we were sure we had found the problem only to find we didn't. Extra audio cards, remote controls, logic boards, long sessions tracing circuits...

At this point I have to relate how great Matt Allen (Nashville, TN) was to us. His collection of 3M parts and his experience are superb. He worked enthusiastically and generously with us.

Despite such help two days ago we had finally come to the end of the road. After a year and a half we'd had it. Lots of pain, no gain. I gave the effort one last shot by emailing Ted and Joe asking for guidance. Steve, the tech and I had just agreed we had failed when the email from Joe arrived. It was the miracle we needed. He listed several items we could yet pursue that could indeed be the solution.

Joe had contacted Ted (who has been out of the country for what seems like years (doing a major studio installation)) . Ted was good enough to take time out to help us. Within 24 hours of receiving Joe's email we had everything in order. Just today we aligned playback. Tomorrow record and bias. Then on to flutter.

To put this in perspective, this isn't a story about 2 chumps who didn't know what they were doing with an analog deck. I'm a chump, but Steve who did the tech work has an incredible intellect, decades of experience with analog decks (mostly Ampex) and is friends with people who have been major players in the design and manufacture of professional analog decks (including 3M). Ted and Joe came through when these other people couldn't pin our problem down.

The long and the short: 3 great people in the audio industry of whom I can't speak of highly enough: Ted Jolly, Joe Gianini and Matt Allen.

Thanks for reading this far. I'm really jazzed by the happy ending to what has been a painful trip.

From Customer: Bary Hufker, July 24, 2008


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