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FULL Upgrade and Re-Cap to YOUR SONY APR-24 Power Supply

If you are hearing audible hum or strange noises in ALL of your recorder channels, most likely your Power Supply needs to be serviced.

This FULL RE-CAP & UPGRADE will take care of your problems.

Included in this service and standard upgrade to APR-24 power supply:

  • Evaluate your PSU upon arrival and contact you with our initial observations.
  • Clean and blow out the interior of your PSU and all PCB boards surfaces..
  • Clean and inspect the exterior of your PSU for damaged connectors
  • Replace the PSU main Filter Capacitors with High Quality, low ESR electrolytic capacitors
  • Replace the main Bridge Rectifiers with a fast recovery, higher current rated rectifiers.
  • Test & Replace as needed ALL power transistors.
  • Install NEW mica insulation and thermal grease to each power transistor.
  • Remove, inspect, clean and test the internal regulator board.
  • Clean and inspect the power transistor heat sinks.
  • Clean and tighten internal screw terminal connections and crimp connectors.
  • Adjust the internal voltage regulator for proper voltages, as required.
  • Test and adjust voltages, re-assemble and burn in for 24 hours and re-test.

    Most of the APR-24 Power Supplies that we see have never been serviced. Some of these PSU's are nearly 20 years old ! By now there may be lots of AC ripple appearing on the DC output rails of your PSU, causing hum, noise and function glitches. We replace those old, aged primary electrolytic capacitors for NEW, very high quality, low ESR units. But we also go a step further and install NEW, higher current capacity bridge rectifiers too ! Why? Because we have seen too many re-cap jobs by others quickly blow out the aged bridge rectifiers...especially when using NEW, low ESR filter caps of higher capitance.

    Our fast recovery, higher current rated bridge rectifiers prevents this type of problem plus offers you a more RELIABLE power supply rebuild.

    We also test and replace all of the marginal PSU's power transistors including the addition of NEW transistor mica insulation and thermal grease replacement.

    This is also our MOST POPULAR power supply service upgrade.

    Every PSU is burned in for 24 hours and then the perfomance specs are re-tested again.

    Once you have placed an order for this service, please send in your POWER SUPPLY to us via insured UPS or Fed-Ex, double boxed, insured and packed with PLENT of Packing Peanuts !.

    We will let you know when we receive your PSU and we will give you an initial performance report on your PSU by email.

    When your PSU is ready to ship back to you, we will notify you by email and provide you with a shipment tracking number.




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